Tip of the day if you ask me .. Turn on screen-sharing and limit it to an account.

Then go to your other macs and your macs will be listed in Finder, select the mac and click on share screen, login, and you’re done. You will have full control over the other mac on the network. No more getting up and walking back and forth a few times.

Regardless which system you are on, you will have access to the other system. It is fast, good quality, easy to use and it is just an amazing feature. Oh man, what was that setting again? Where is that file? How do I .. – don’t worry, don’t get up .. just connect remotely and your monitor, keyboard, mouse lets you manage the remote machine as if you were behind it.

Sharing privileges are set under System Preferences, and in Finder make sure you have the left column set to show shared network devices.