Windows Oh Windows Why Are You Such A Pain

Today I’ve tried to work on installing BootCamp 2.0, doing a 32GB partition for Windows XP Pro with SP2. Boy oh boy, that cost me a few hours of nothing but frustration. After a lot of screwing around, a lot of reboots, a lot of forced shutdowns and a lot of swearing towards Microsoft .. it’s finally here. A working version of XP so I can play my old games like Half Life 2 and Counter Strike: Source. And .. I had to write a review which required native Windows (no emulation) for a specific benchmark program.I am keeping todays blog entry short, because I am out of energy. Today I got reminded why I switched to the Mac OSX and Linux for 100%, away from Microsoft OS. Oh my, the frustrations, the reboots, the horrible dialogs and constant pop ups. Without even going to a web site I also (of course) got infected with a virus, despite having service pack 2 installed. But it was easy to detect, quarantine and remove. After which I had some time to lock down any incoming traffic or unauthorized running of programs (Without having to run an anti trojan, internet security, virus, etc programs that hog the bloody thing down.

The only disappointment was that I realized it was of course 32bit, so it only sees about 2GB of RAM, so it’s not  using 3GB at the moment, which for the benchmark and gaming would have been cool. It also didn’t mount the media drives with my music and movies and tv, etc. But that’s ok. I am more then willing to reboot to OSX for that haha.

Once another hour has passed and a few required programs were installed, the system locked down, and stuff configured .. it felt solid and as if it was working. I decided to call it quits and I will work on the review tomorrow.

If you have windows … pick it up, throw it away, go to the site and order a fucking 24″ iMac or a Mac Pro. You will be less frustrated, which makes you feel more happy. Which adds years to your life instead of taking it away.

Ok, done ranting. Back tomorrow.