I Got Myself A LOLCAT

During the summer my parents got a pair of kittens, a brother and sister. Now that the weather is getting colder the cats are trying to figure out where they belong on the farm. In the barn with the other cats and animals, or in the house where my parents live, with the other cat and the dog. Uhm .. the brother has no problem fighting back and staying in the barn, but the sister gets a good beating and eventually decides to stay outside. That’s fine, sometimes she can go inside and sometimes she stays in the barn, but my parents noticed she stayed outside all night. And with the temperature dropping to freezing point, and with the beating the kitty gets from the other cats and the little dog, they’ve asked me kindly if I wouldn’t mind a new kitty. Who doesn’t want a lolcat?

My personal life is pretty simple right now, I can go and leave my apartment for a weekend or week or few weeks, etc. And that’s not a problem, I live alone right now and any girlfriend stays over for a night or two and isn’t living together with me. It would be nice to have a cat around, and a cat doesn’t mind if you stay away for a night. Plus, if needed, my niece or my parents could come over to take care of the cat if I am not here. So I’ve decided to say yes and take on the challenge.

Kitty is used to run around outside, and is used to jump on things and all that. So having her inside an apartment and not allowing her to just jump on everything will be a challenge, but surely it will be fine.

So far I’ve learned she’s very cuddly, loves the attention and has enough patience to wait for food. I left her alone for a few hours in the living room and she just went and played a bit and then jumped on the chair for a bit of sleeping. She seems to be quite happy here.

Here are some pictures, trust me, more will follow for many years to come.