Using Moodblast

[Update in 2016] It’s been years, and I no longer use or recommend this tool. I thought the blog post was fun enough to keep around though. Maybe consider something like Hootsuite now?

Over the last year or so I have been signing up on one social network after the other, from MySpace (ugh!) to Facebook (woot), from Twitter to Jaiku, from using Adium-X to iChat, etc.

I run them in the background, on the second monitor, or in a different space and had to spend a minute going through all the damn sites to update the status if I just wanted to let my friends and followers know that I am doing this, or just did that, or am having lunch or that I am on my way – whatever.

Now with Moodblast it’s a matter of a few seconds. So .. use this program if you do what I do!

Here’s a video showing it off. As you can see I have multiple programs open, multiple browsers or tabs in a browser. And it just gets frustrating to go through, not to mention that it clutters the screen. I’ve heard about Moodblast and tested it out: And loved it.

I can now have Adium or Skype open (if I know I am going to chat with someone) and no need for anything else. I don’t even use either of them a lot (meaning: not running them 24/7) because I like IRC as IM more. Anyway ..

Now I just have a single program (via an icon in the menubar) that I can click on, enter the msg and press enter, and be done with it.

Such an awesome tool.

[update] Video removed.