Kitty Got Scared

Ok, I have to admit, I wasn’t so nice to Sasha, but it was funny!

First picture: Kitty sleeping and I thought it was time to wake her up and push her ears down to make a funny face, kitty and I both went LOL


Second picture: Kitty wanted to go back to sleep, but was wondering what the blue thing in my hand was, so I showed her my awesome vBulletin powered Mug with my cappuccino.

Kitty got scared and jumped up.


I am not sure if she doesn’t like vBulletin, or the coffee. But she looked super mad at me hehe (totally worth it)

Third picture: I of course had to comfort her with a hug and we made up again. After which she, what a cat does best, went back to sleep (let’s hope she doesn’t get a nightmare now).


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