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  • Promising Movies = Pants Wet

    As a dork, nerd, geek, computer idiot, sci fi, technology lover, etc .. I can’t help but write down a few promising movie titles that should get your pants wet. From Cloverfield 2, Transformers 2, Iron Man 2, to X-Files 2, The Day The World Stood Still, Star Wars Clone Wars, Terminator 4, Watchman, Star […]

  • CES 2008

    CES 2008 has started and all the tech sites are going crazy over it. They’re posting the thinnest and largest monitor, the easiest new devices and the super cool technology etc. Personally I am not impressed, but I should be.

  • Top 10 Apple Products

    At this moment I can not browse the web without running into a Top X list, and some are fun or nice to read, but the majority of them are just made without any thought. For example, there was an article on Digg about top25 movies from 2007, but a good handful were all made […]

  • Rebuilding The Office

    Over the last six months I have spend quite a bit of time and money into updating my home entertainment system and my little office. Changes included upgrading my internet service provider account and purchase new hardware, and most recently replacing a few ugly wooden planks with a new, more shiny, bigger one. And there […]