CES 2008

CES 2008 has started and all the tech sites are going crazy over it. They’re posting the thinnest and largest monitor, the easiest new devices and the super cool technology etc. Personally I am not impressed, but I should be.

The reason why I should not be impressed is because the very overly expensive cool new devices are out of my reach, I don’t be able to get them for a while. And when they are finally here, they’re too expensive – and new stuff is around the corner that’s the next gen. So, why get excited over nothing right? Well .. because I should be impressed with the technology, the new things introduced are amazing for what they can do. They are a glimps into the near future, disclosing what average consumer devices are going to be using soon.

Such as thinner, better looking high def tv’s and computer monitors. Smaller chips that consume less power, longer battery life, and improved designs. Sure, nobody will buy the 150″ plasma, but it does push the price down. Meaning a 50″ is now below 5000 euro and dollar, making it within reach for the rich folks a bit easier. And the 30-something inches high def tv’s are therefor more within my own reach.

I have no intention of browsing the CES related sites for details, spec sheets and whatnot. Too much info – CES is too big. That said, I let others do it and browse their blogs, like the tech blog gizmodo.com or I listen to podcasts from twit.tv and pixelcorps.tv

So far I have been impressed with Dell showing their crystal design monitor, which is not quite there yet, but it definitely shows that Dell is trying to be as cool looking as a Mac. It helps push away all those companies making horrible designs as they simply have to try and keep up with awesome looking monitors.

Surely there were smart phones and pda things and whatever … but who cares. Let’s just be patient and see the next generation iPhone, and THEN see what Samsung, Nokia and Palm put on the market in 2009 that might be the same, cheaper, and worth it. Until then, who cares!

Finally the only thing that interested me in CES was Bill Gates saying ‘goodbye’ by a keynote that had a lot of silly-jokes in it to make Bill Gates look even more dumb (a poor attempt to make him look cool) and by using U2 / Steward / Some actors, and whatever. A fun video to make him look cool, but in my eyes, .. eh : thanks for Microsoft Bill, I enjoyed it for many years .. but I also didn’t. You’re a cool kid, don’t pretend to be one. Accept your inner geek! ffs

Ok, from CES 2008 we move on to a more important event this January: Mac World. Which I will cover a bit more, unless I am underwhelmed by it.

Back more tomorrow 🙂