Purchased a New 1TB HDD

Yep, it was that time again, after throwing away as much as possible and filling up that free space all my drives are basically full again. So it was time to buy a new one. A few days after Christmas I found a nice sale on a Samsung SpinPoint F HD103UJ 1Tb 32 Mb | HD103UJ drive for $95 including shipping – so yay.

I have not installed it, because it just arrived – but I am hoping it will work just fine. If you never hear from me again *lol* you can assume it’s because I blew up the computer trying to install it.

Just kidding .. because it’s a Mac Pro ! So it’s a matter of removing the side, getting the little frame, screw in the drive and slide it back in the mac. Put the side back on and boot the system. And I am done. No wires, no nonsense. Just easy and quick access. There are some pics on virb.com/chat/photos on how it looks.

There is a 320GB internal drive that has 1MB free space. So this one will replace that one. I will first remove the 750GB one, put the 1TB in its place. Then transfer the 320GB into it’s place. Then remove the 320GB and put the 750GB one back.

Next week or after my birthday (Jan21st-btw) I will go order a firewire800/usb2.0 external enclosure and put the 320GB on external. And it can serve as a Time Machine backup for the 250gb OS drive.

Right now there is 250/320/750/1024 internal, filling all four slots. The 320 will go external and I will then have 250/750/1024/1024 internal. External I have multiple drives on USB already, including the USB-500 which (thanks David!) is pretty quiet and awesome. I wish I could put 12x 1,5TB internal .. but I am afraid I will just slowly replace smaller drives with bigger ones and build an external array.

The next step is to get a 1024GB or 1536GB to replace the 250GB OS drive. I still have to look into how to properly image the boot drive and boot from the restored image. I simply have too little time to give that a go this time.

Anyway, I am very excited extending the storage in my computer and I can’t wait to fill it up with great media. I have nice libraries with Amazon/iTunes music, podcasts, backups from web sites, and what not. It’s amazing how quick things fill up.

[ EDIT @ Friday; January 2, 2009 ]

The drive arrived and I have shut down the machine. I just got back after removing the 750, putting in the samsung, and booting it up. The files are now transferring from the 320 to the 1024. After which I will shut down again, and remove the 320, and put the 750 back in. So far so good! Some pics below 😉





[ EDIT @ Saturday; January 3, 2009 – 1 am ]

Ok, shut it down again, replaced the 320 with the temporary removed 750, and booted up. It worked just fine. I am on 250/750/1024/1024 now internally. And I am quite happy.