Purchased a New 1TB HDD

Yep, it was that time again, after throwing away as much as possible and filling up that free space all my drives are basically full again. So it was time to buy a new one. A few days after Christmas I found a nice sale on a Samsung SpinPoint F HD103UJ 1Tb 32 Mb | HD103UJ drive for $95 including shipping – so yay.


Die Hard And Fireworks

Yes! The HDDVD Box with the four Die Hard movies has arrived. And it’s the 31st of December today, which means that we are enjoying enduring an evening of old classic movies or Christmas movies, and top100-everything lists on TV, speeches and musicals before we start having fun with friends and family, set of fireworks and get drunk. Not me! I got Die Hard *grin*

Today I will be watching not just Die Hard 1, or the new one Die Hard 4, no.. I am going to watch Die Hard 1, 2, 3 and 4. Spread over the day and night. I don’t really feel like going out and having fun, or visit all the family and have dinner somewhere (as nice as that might sound). I just want to be alone for a change and enjoy a good evening of good movies. And still have a drink.

I will go outside around midnight and have a nice evening talking to some neighbors and setting off some fireworks with some of the neighborhood kids, and have a drink or two. But then I will finish the night with slacking on the couch enjoying John shooting up some bad guys.

Here are a few screenshot and some info.

Die Hard 1:

[edit:1] I watched this the night of the 30th when I was drafting this blog entry. In Die Hard (the first one from ’88) John goes to visit his family at Christmas to find himself in an impossible situation. Of course, endurance prevails and John kicks some ass. For a movie that’s about 17 years old it was still enjoyable today. You can find more information here:

Die Hard 2:
[edit:2] In the afternoon of the 30th when I got home and made my dinner I watched Die Hard 2: Die Harder. And just like with number 1, it was just awesome. I just love these type of movies. Bruce Willis really knows his character and really understand what’s cool or not. The movie’s from 1990 and if they would release this movie today, it would be kind of kick ass. Oh wait, Die Hard 4 is out, and it kind of kicked ass. While waiting at the airport for his wife he notices something’s off. He takes a look and without too much trouble, he found trouble. This time his attitude is like, something has to be done, I might as well do it, since this shit keeps happening to me. The two cops he hates in this movie and keeps running into add an extra layer of humor to the movie that keeps it fun to watch too. A good sequal. More info here:

Die Hard 3:
[Also edit 2]: Without hesitation and to fill the evening before it was midnight, I started Die Hard 3: With a Vengeance. Wow, constant action back in 1995. And John has to be revived from his miserable life. They wake him up after a party night with coffee and aspirins. And throw him in the middle of Harlem with the first assignment of the game hanging on his chest. To the rescue comes Samual L Jackson, which is also an awesome actor. And he’s forced to stick around for the rest of the movie. Making a third movie of the same type is always hard, so this one could get a few negative comments from me, but I won’t – because for a third movie it is just as well done as the first two. And would have ended the trilogy just fine. Today I will try to find time to watch Die Hard 4. More info about #3 is here:

Die Hard 4:
[edit:3] Ok, I just finished watching it, and I like it way better then the first time I saw it. Maybe it’s because I saw the Die Hards back to back. Anyway, this Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard is from 2007, over 10 years later then #3, but still feels like another Die Hard movie and enjoyed it well. John has to escort some computer hacker from A to B and gets (of course) in trouble and shot at a lot. He decides to keep the kid alive and just kill everybody. Mission Accomplished (of course). More info here:

Many, many years have passed, and Bruce Willis is still a very cool guy. I am super looking forward watching these movies again. Does he look badass or fucking what!

@[Edits]: I will post this entry now, but edit it after I’ve watched the movies.

About the fireworks mentioned in the title. It was awesome. I had a cool day going at my brother and his wife. It was her birthday and later in the day I went to see my parents. I tried to contact my friends over the phone or send msgs, but they simply didn’t get through. I will try to contact them today (1st of January 2008). Later in the evening I made a fish dinner which turned out great. It was wonderful. Then I watched the Die Hard 2 and 3 movies and watched the fireworks. Went to my neighbors downstairs and congratulated some people and had a few drinks with them. I went back inside and made sure my new kitty wasn’t freaking out, but everything was fine. I then went online to say hello to my online friends. About 30 minutes later Nadine showed up and we took a walk to a friend of hers who lives close to me. And we spend a few hours there. At this time it’s almost morning so we crashed at my place and I just woke up at 11. The fireworks were not as much as previous years as far as I’ve experienced it, but there was enough. It was kind of foggy weather and with the smoke from the fireworks the whole town was lit-up.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Come back later for the 3rd edit of this blog, or for my first blog entry in 2008. And see you soon on my sites and chat channel.


What Goes Where On My System?

My Mac Pro has a bunch of hard drives right now, and I have been adding, swapping, and removing drives the last few months. It was time for me to get a bit more organized and I think that’s a great tip for everybody. It gives you a much better understanding of what is on your computer system.

You might think “What is so hard about finding stuff on your hard drive”, well .. let me give you a simple example: Your browser might store downloaded files on your Desktop, while you have an OS ‘Downloads/’ folder, or perhaps your torrent client stores it in ‘programs/client/downloads/’, making it a bit annoying having to browse around while a single link on your desktop to your ‘Downloads/’ folder might make it a lot easier for you.

First things first of course, what goes where?

My first drive in the Mac Pro is currently a 250GB drive (called MacHD) which is used to store the OSX 10.5 operating system and the programs I use. Most of the data that result from those programs are stored on the second drive which I called the DataHD, it’s 320GB. This drive has a folder called backup_machd where I store backups of certain files from the MacHD drive. The MacHD drive by the way has a folder called backup_datahd where I store daily backups of the DataHD folders. Since there’s enough space no the DataHD I also have a htdocs/ folder in the root where I have my localhost ‘dev’ stuff, such as a test instance of vBulletin, or the svn build from DeskPro, stuff like that. The MacHD (almost forgot to mention) has a folder called bash where I have my custom coded bash scripts that help me run daily or weekly crontabs to make archived backups of certain folders (among other things).

These two drives, the MacHD and the DataHD drives are being backed up with the ‘Time Machine’ feature from Leopard. I have an external USB 2.0 box with 2x 160GB hard drives. Not perfect, but when I have a bit of extra cash in 2008 I will upgrade these a larger size so I can have bigger backups that go back further in time. These are the only back ups I make of my internal drives. I do not really back up my media drives.

I have 2 more USB 2.0 external drives, but they’re used to back up data for a few web sites. I don’t use them, and the back ups are done automatically. I just check once a month if things are still going ok. But it’s kept separate from my ‘live’ system.

I also have 2 media drives. One is called MediaHD (320GB) which stores my music, movies, games, and downloads. I point all my programs to that download things from the net to this downloads folder, which has sub folders to keep it organized and easy to find. The other drive is called TvHD where I store my purchased TV shows. I really like good tv shows and I watch a lot. It’s a 750GB drive. The drive is split in 2 partitions though. A very small portion is used by Adobe and ProTools as a ‘cache drive’ to help speed up running filters and renders on huge media files. Since there’s over a terabyte of data on the media drives I do not back them up. It’s a risk I am willing to take. I don’t want to hog my system backup moment because it’s trying to backup and compress huge files that I can re-download from iTunes or Amazon.

The Mac OSX comes with default folders for Music, Pictures, Documents, Downloads, etc, but I really don’t use them. They’re useless to me as they are on the Main HDD and I store everything on other drives. It’s a bit of a hassle to change the original symlinks and I just dragged them out of Finder, and dragged my own entry point folders into the sidebar. I also made my own small stack folder which are quick links to all these folders. Making it very easy and quick to use.

My plan for the future is to add a 1TB drive into the system, replacing the 320GB MediaHD one. And use the 320GB MediaHD as an Ethernet network drive. I have 1 port on my router unused, and it would be nice if all systems in the apartment or visitors coming over, can use this network drive. Eventually I also want to replace the MacHD that’s 250GB with a bigger one. And move the 250GB as a dedicated MusicHD on the FireWire800 port. And if I ignore the lack of money in my wallet, I could imagine having the MyBook of 1 or 2TB as external backup drive on the other firewire800 port, for backing up the MacHD and the DataHD with TimeMachine.

For now I have enough space obviously, and there’s no problem making new space either. There’s enough data like old music, or a few movies or tv shows that I won’t ‘watch’ again. Or I could throw away backups older then 6 months.

But back to the topic. On my old PC I just had it where the OS threw it, or that particular program. And it was quite annoying to find it back, or to take the time and organize it. Or just accept that the Desktop is filled with icons. On my Mac now I have things a lot more organized in a way that it is, for me personally, easy to find. Media goes to the media drives, data goes to the data drive. And software goes to the Mac drive.

Now, if anything breaks, I loose either all my Data (which I have a backup of) or my programs (and I will still have all my data after a re-install) or I loose my media (and then I cry a little, but at least I still have all my data). Hard drives are a lot cheaper these days, getting a 500gb for around 100 bucks is kind of easy to find. The Mac Pro can have up to four drives in it. And it takes the 7200.11 Sata2 drives from Seagate which are 1TB. So that’s 4 TB of data! Then there are of course the options to expand over USB ports, Firewire ports, and eventually over the Network on Ethernet or even add Wifi drives.

Who needs DVD burners right?

Here are some pictures of me adding the new 320GB and 750GB to the system (which I done earlier this year)