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  • Dumber Smart Home

    Who doesn’t like shiny new things? Right? Well, I certainly do. And I can’t really afford it all. On top of that, I am also not really the person that renews their iPhone each year or has to get the latest of the latest. It’s nice if it was possible, but I am very much […]

  • Five Turbulent Years

    Oof, it would be much easier if you could just take a little looksy inside my brain – read my thoughts – to understand better what I wish I could all write down. We cannot do this, however, I can journal a bit, share a bit, and blog. About the last five years, and why […]

  • A dozen of macOS apps you should use in 2022

    Lowering stress in life is important, and being efficient at being a product can help you achieve that. And it’s not just for techy geeks or smarty pants developers. Everybody can improve the way they use their Mac system to save a bit of time, keep the focus on what’s in front of you. And […]

  • Mama, ik mis je.

    In the last five years real life friends have left my life, in 2017 I worked so hard to fight my depression, and made plans to improve my life, my finances, my health, my social life. In 2018 my cat passed away, in 2019 my father passed away, 2020 has been a global pandemic, and […]

  • This is not the life I wanted

    A thought, just one. A microsecond, not even. But it contained everything. And it wasn’t even the first time. That blue in the sky, I’ve always appreciated it. The few times in life where my disability was conquered. No pain. Just void. And yet, the moment would pass and you grow up and learn that […]

  • How to forcefully restart iPhone 11 Pro Max

    On the older iPhones with Touch ID you’d have to hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. On the newer Face ID devices this can be a bit different. You might notice if you try Volume + Sleep, that it wants to shut down or even call emergency services. So that’s not […]

  • Ubuntu 18 : How to import a MySQL .sql database

    ssh to your server with a user that can sudo up, and have your details ready, and change to the directory where the .sql dump is located. Of course, maybe make a new database in the mysql server, so you don’t accidentally override anything. mysql -u dbusername -p dbname < file.sql The dbusername is the […]

  • How to make a tarball backup of public_html

    There’s a lot of different (type) of files in the public_html directory of your web server. You should manually back this up, and back it up properly. I recommend using tar, it can gzip it for you. And it can respect the permissions and relative path. It’s an easy tarball as they call it, that […]

  • Ubuntu 18 : PHP Allow bigger file uploads

    I found that the default is 2 megabyte with post upload limit of 8 megs. This is not enough these days anymore. I found in Ubuntu 18 with PHP 7.2, that I have my php.ini file to reside here: /etc/php/7.2/apache2 Edit it: sudo nano -w /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini And find: post_max_size = 8M Change this to a […]

  • XenForo : How to get Friendly URL to work

    If you don’t use managed hosting solutions for your forums, you might have to install everything yourself. By default the directive for AllowOverride is set to None, meaning even if you enable the friendly urls in XenForo, it will show you 404 not found pages. Step 1. If you already have a .htaccess file, get […]

  • Ubuntu 18 : How to install phpmyadmin and secure phpmyadmin

    Once you have https configured on your server, and you have a MySQL server installed, it might be desirable to install phpmyadmin, this is a php web interface solution to help you manage your mysql databases, users, etc. For security reasons: don’t install it. If you do wish to install it, continue reading, but take […]

  • Ubuntu 18 : How to install Let’s Encrypt (Add https to your site)

    If you’ve finished setting up your LAMP setup, it’s important to encrypt the traffic over https, we do this with a free solution called Let’s Encrypt. Because why pay unless you’re an Enterprise.. ssh into the server with a user that can sudo up, and type: sudo apt install python-certbot-apache Follow the on-screen instructions. Note: […]

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