Mail Bag Extra : Energy Fix

Warm days, a bit of bad luck, data loss, and iOS public beta release issues, bad eyes, etc. All excuses! I’ve received the April Mail Bag, and the May Mail Bag, but eh … is it Mail Bag or Fail Bag?

I need an energy boost, a quick fix, some motivation, because I have some slow starts, bad days, and long lonely nights. But no new blog entries. Unacceptable! Well, I find it unacceptable.

Someone noticed, and they sent me a sports goody bag – a special delivery – to get me back on track. Energy bars, jogging socks, and electrolytes, etc. I eh .. will let the video do the talking.

The music in the video is made by me, something I’ve pling plonged on the guitar, Emily moved it to the piano (first try!), and let me use it for the video. I think it fits the mood hehe.

Anyway! Stay tuned, the April and May Mail Bags will be published (eventually).