Site Update & Content Pruning (3)

We’re in the third week of the month and that means a little update on the site and content. I’ve really enjoyed putting my focus on my website again, it’s been a while. It allows me to think about different things and leave some of the stress and nonsense from 2015 behind me.

tl;dr The final part of my 2016 site updates and content pruning. I am so happy I’ve been posting daily again, while cleaning up old content and updating the website to the way I like having it. It was a fun January project.

When 2015 was ending I made myself a little promise to keep: to do three things with my website again. First, to blog for a week. Second, to double the amount of blog entries I made in 2015 in January 2016. And finally, to update my site; I had a big list of little things I wanted to change and for some reason that didn’t happen last year, so I set myself to do it in this year.

Before I went through the 2015 blog posts and deleted a couple, there were about 7 or 8. Therefor I wanted to make at least 16+ posts this month. And I am happy to say I’ve been publishing content each day since January 1st. And this third part site update closes the third thing I wanted to do, as I’ve finished almost all of the site’s todo items.

You can find part 1 and 2 here:

In case you missed it, here’s some of the content I’ve posted in the last couple of weeks:
– Finding a little happiness in nostalgia:
– Saving for a new computer:
– Offline and Offsite Backups:

- Improved minified/compression on the stylesheet.
- Added a bit more rich media to recent posts.
- Automated most the stylesheet handling now, saves me load of time.
- Run the site through the w3 html5 validator service, no errors.
- Deleted a lot of nonsense blog posts from 2009.
- Customized the back-end a little bit, including how drafts:
- Fixed a potential security issue with my code.
- Deleted some old directories and unused/obsolete files.
- Brainstormed about topics I want to write about.
- Pointed a few unused domain names to the blog.
- Customized the back-end so it's easier to use (hiding unused stuff, focus on frequently used stuff)
- Customized the way drafts are listed:
- And a handful of tiny maintenance thingies.

minified stylesheet

minified stylesheet

And here are a few posts that I decided to keep:
– Purchased a new 1TB HDD for my Mac Pro:
– A cheap morning coffee:
– Organizing my todo list:
– Yes, I am a TextMate user:
– An old fashioned Tosti:
– Biological and local farmers foods:

Go check out some of the posts from 2009, some are quite fun to read.