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  • I cannot stress enough: password manager

    Because people hate reading, I will just simplify this and then get into it a bit deeper. 1- Get a password manager, and use it! 2- Use unique, long and strong passwords (with a couple of exceptions) with 2FA. 3- Stop coming to me if you don’t listen, I am tired of solving your stupidity. […]

  • About a dozen Pringles boxes

    Surely enough I’ve mentioned this on at least social media, if not on my blog somewhere: I find creative ways to save up a bit of money. In the past I’ve simply created a second bank account for saving up for my iMac. I’ve also bought little mini box with layers in it to put […]

  • Copyright 2018

    It’s that time again. A new year means that webmasters (ouch, that term!) have to review the sites they have/manage/operate. From backups, archiving, bug fixes, security patches, a/b testing, and whatever else your todo list might entail, all the way up to checking if the data in the footer is still valid. Are the links […]

  • Hello 2018

    Here we are, another year on our calendar has started. Welcome to 2018. Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday season with positive experiences and fantastic foods. But *snap*, let’s get back to reality. Life’s tough, and sometimes a struggle. But here we are. How about we work together to make the best of it, and […]

  • VPN update

    It’s important to have a great VPN, so consider my affiliate link:

  • My own little world

    Nope, not going to charge my batteries so I am ready to talk to others. I am not going to sit here waiting for others to show up and give me attention. I am not going to be there for others for once and give them their attention. I want to avoid conflict, frustration, irritation, […]

  • Sasha turned 10

    Born March 2007, she’s now ten years old. Oh my gosh! It goes way too fast. But she’s an adult, just not in my eyes. MAH KITTY! Tonight we celebrate with cake and toys and hanging out on the balcony.

  • #calamity

    ampersand anne bee ass pea semicolon

  • A friendly place to be:

    Back in the day when I started a forum on, I got sucked into being part of communities, and building them. I have helped out with sites so they could get started, customize it to their need and give advice on how to manage them. It was fun, up until real life and online […]

  • Thinking about the Internet of Things

    I love sci fi, I love gadgets, I love tech, I love things that are shiny. I freaking love Apple stuff. And I want it all, now, and that includes hoverboards, flying things, mini micro nano robots and amazing tech that helps me every day. The iPhone was a good first step about ten years […]

  • Thanks in advance

    This is just a short blog, because my thoughts have been expressed by Boomerang a lot better. But this is why I moved away from Kind regards, or Best, or Thanks, .. when I sign off an email or a more formal correspondence. Boomerang has conducted a study and noticed that Thanks in advance gets […]

  • why

    Why does everything have to suck so fucking hard – every – single – fucking – day?